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One of the biggest problems I have run into while making my doll outfits are finding the appropriate hats. So, I have used my miniscule sculpting talents to make my own hats. Thanks to a lot of help and coaching from my very good friend and truly great artist, Chris Nandell, I have learned how to make molds and cast duplicate copies of the hats in resin. So I am now offering them for sale to other outfit makers and hobbiests for their use.

Please Note: These are for 1/9 and 1/12 scale DOLLS, not real people!!!

The hats are priced at $3 each for unfinished resin. Semi-finished hats are priced at $6 each. By semi-finished, the hats have been sanded, primed and painted in one of several standard colors as listed by each hat type. No hatbands, chin straps or other embellishments are included. Finished hats are priced at $10 each. Each finished hat is completed by special order except as noted. Shipping for the first 1 to 10 hats will be $6. USPS Priority shipping to the US. Additional shipping is required for addresses outside the continental US.

Cowboy Hat - Classic Scale
These hats fit the smaller headed dolls like the old Ben Breyer as shown and other dolls with similarly smaller heads.
Colors shown are Black, taupe, dark brown and gray. Also available in white and straw, Not pictured.

Fuzzy Cowboy Hat - Classic Scale
These hats fit the smaller headed dolls like the old Ben Breyer as shown and other dolls with similarly smaller heads. They have wider brims and a nobby or fuzzy looking finish.
The colors shown are dark brown, gray and black. Other colors are taupe and straw.

The 10 gallon Hat!
This hat comes in classic or traditional sizes.
Colors shown are gray, taupe, black and dark brown. Not shown but also available in white.

Bowler Hats in Classic and Traditional Scale
Perfect for those Saddleseat outfits!
Colors shown are camel, taupe, gray and black. Also available in light blue or ivory.
Also shown is a traditional sized bowler custom finished in wine with a pink hatband.

Flat Brimmed Hat
This hat comes in both traditional (not shown)and classic sizes.
It comes with the rolled braided rim as shown or no roll (not shown).
Standard color is black or unfinished resin.

Dressage Hat for clasic scale
Standard color is black or unfinished resin
The picture of the lady is an example of this same hat finished as a turn-of-the-century ladies' traveling hat.

Tall Top Hat - Classic scale only
Hats shown are in plain black. Also available in unfinished resin.

English Helmets
Sizes vary from oversized traditional for dolls like the male Megos, traditional scale, classic scale and small classic.
Current pictures show the classic helmets custom finished for a jockey style rider and the small classic helmet for a small child rider.
Helmets as shown run $10 each. Also available in unfinished resin for $3 each, plain black painted for $6 each, or flocked in black, fabric covered, or plain black with chinstrap for $10 each.

Mexican Sombrero
Sized for the traditional scale dolls, these hats have a woven straw textured finish. Hats are available in the unfinished resin at $5 each or finished to order with fancy hatband, stampede string and finished brim edge for $10. Example of a finished hat is as shown

Traditional Cowboy Hats
I also have a varety of the felt cowboy hats that fit the traditional dolls. These hats are priced at $2 each for the factory finished colors of black, white, tan and a few other random colors.
I also custom dye these hats to any color desired for $5 each.
Email me for a list of current colors I have on hand.

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